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Great News! User Area Development Started Today!(0) Comments
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We have great news at StockTraderWiz!

As you know from our other posts, STW is a new trader platform started January 1st of 2014.  We at StockTraderWiz have been working hard at trying to plan and fund the next phased expansion of our trader portal and are excited to tell you that development just started TODAY!

The phase 2 expansion will include a USER AREA that will have: an expanded trader profile, the ability to friend other traders, and the integration of our popular mobile app StockTradeWiz:TradeDiary onto our trader portal.

This is an exciting next step for us at StockTraderWiz in implementing our multi-phased plan to have a premier stock trading site by the end of 2014.  We understand that our current offering, although free, still lacks many of the ingredients that will get traders motivated about improving their skills and connecting with other stock traders around the globe.

We are aware that content is still lacking and training materials are still pretty much non-existent on our site as we have been focusing on planning and funding this next critical expansion that begins to make our platform more social and more functional in allowing users to manage their trade diaries from either their mobile device or on our web platform.  We appreciate your patience through our growing pains.

The Phase 2 expansion is now under development and part one of this phase (expanded profile, privacy settings, friending, and trader diary) is expected to be complete within the next six weeks.  Once implemented and uploaded for general use, we will continue the Phase 2 development of more expanded user area features.

Will there be a subscription fee to access the new features?  NO! 

Although there will be some specific features developed under Phase 2 that are premium features and will be part of our future subscription packages, all the existing access and the new features mentioned above will remain FREE to all users.

We want to give everybody access to trading information, forums, question/answers, trade diary, expanded profile, and friending capabilities at no charge, EVER!  We understand that everybody has a different economic situation and it is our mission to offer users the ability to learn to trade and connect with other traders at no cost.

Premium features will become available to users later in Phase 2 (and in future phases) but there will be no requirement to upgrade your basic account.  You can continue to participate, learn, connect, and enter trade diary information at no cost to you.

Stay tuned for further announcement on these and other future enhancements to the StockTraderWiz trader platform.

As always, thank you for being a part of STW and HAPPY TRADING!

Here is the beginning of the USER AREA....

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