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Stock Trade Wiz

Stock Traders Wiz Mission


It is the mission of to create a safe, positive, open, and nurturing environment for its global users to learn, collaborate, and grow as stock traders every day.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • A “Safe Environment” is one in which traders can openly collaborate without being attacked for their inexperience or bombarded with “Get Rich Quick” products or services.
  • A “Positive Environment” is one where its users treat others with respect and a genuine interest in helping less experienced traders to grow.
  • An “Open Environment” is one where we can all be honest about our trading abilities and where no question is a “dumb” question. We all start somewhere, and only by sharing openly will we achieve the level of trading proficiency we desire.
  • A “Nurturing Environment” is one in which traders at all levels are willing to help those at levels below themselves. It is a place where we understand that every trader can grow and we appreciate the help others have given us, so we Pay it Forward.

It is our vision that will be a preferred place for beginning stock traders to transition from novice traders to Stock Trader Wiz’s. Placing a trade is easy, but knowing when and why and for how long to hold are skills that come from experience. We envision, and will work hard to maintain an environment where novice traders can transition to the levels they desire. Whether you just want better understanding of how to improve returns over bank interest rates or whether it is to eventually trade for a living, we envision being the best place to learn, grow, and collaborate.

We envision a positive, nurturing environment where experienced traders are open and willing to share their knowledge and not out to “Take” from those less experienced.