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Why Focus only on Stocks?

There are thousands of investment vehicles, and there are tens-of-thousands of investment strategies. After more than 20 years of trying (and losing money on) many of them, I began to understand that you don't have to know or understand more than a couple of investment vehicles or more than a handful of strategies to make a living in the stock market. So many of the investment opportunities that are pushed by the gurus and talking heads are so complex and difficult to understand that there is a slim chance that the normal online retail trader can consistently make money. Stocks are very straight forward. When you purchase a share of stock, you become a small owner of the company. You exchange your cash for something tangible...shares of ownership. The process of buying and selling things of value is something that is easy to understand and something each of us has been applying all our lives. You give your money for something you want...something you value, and you sell things you no longer want for cash. Very easy to understand. Very easy to keep track of. There are no complex calculations or difficult concepts to learn. Anyone can buy and sell stocks. Stocks can be very profitable too! You don't need to be confused to make money in the stock market. Keeping it simple and only learning a few very profitable techniques are all you need to consistently make money in the markets. At StockTraderWiz, we believe keeping it simple with stocks is the best approach for traders at all levels.

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