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I don't use fundamentals, do you?

I have been a technical trader since I started trading over 20 years ago. I found that the more I dug into the fundamentals of a company, the less I was able to trade successfully! I either scared myself away from a great trade, OR, I would convince myself that the company was great, even if the stock was moving against me. I lost money big time. I finally realized that the markets move more by emotion (greed and fear) than they do by the fundamentals of a stock. That is why you see "GREAT" companies in major downtrends, and "BAD" companies exploding upward, increasing their price by 2 or 3 or more times. I found that the "Quality" of the company wasn't what made me money. It was a "MOVING" company that made me money. Now, I don't pay ANY attention to the fundamentals ( I usually don't even care about the NAME of the company ), instead, I look for stocks ON THE MOVE! Works for me, what about you?

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