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About Stock Trader Wiz

Welcome to, a newly established stock trader website and community. StockTraderWiz is a service offering of the Business Mastery Group, LLC.

Our goal is to create an active global online stock trading community with an emphasis on trader education and collaboration. After participating in other online communities where beginners are made to feel inferior or where they are preyed upon by sharks trying to sell “Get Rich Quick” trading techniques, we decided to create a trading community where those things are not acceptable. If your intent is to behave in any manner that is inconsistent with our Member Conduct Rules, then StockTraderWiz is not for you.

It is our mission to create a safe, positive, open, and nurturing environment for its global users to learn, collaborate, and grow as stock traders every day.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • A “Safe Environment” is one in which traders can openly collaborate without being attacked for their inexperience or bombarded with “Get Rich Quick” products or services.
  • A “Positive Environment” is one where its users treat others with respect and a genuine interest in helping less experienced traders to grow.
  • An “Open Environment” is one where we can all be honest about our trading abilities and where no question is a “dumb” question. We all start somewhere, and only by sharing openly will we achieve the level of trading proficiency we desire.
  • A “Nurturing Environment” is one in which traders at all levels are willing to help those at levels below themselves. It is a place where we understand that every trader can grow and we appreciate the help others have given us, so we Pay it Forward.
For those that are worried about online abuse, rest assured that we will maintain a careful eye over all discussions and trader attitudes. There is no place at StockTraderWiz for rude or belittling or abusive behavior or for anyone solely looking to sell their product or force their position. Any violators of our Member Conduct Rules or our Terms of Service of Service will be removed. Our rules will be strictly enforced. Only join if you can adhere to Our Guiding Principles.

For those that do want to participate with other like-minded traders, we welcome you! To give you a better idea of where we are and where we are headed, I want to share our phased entry into the trading community.


We are currently implementing Phase 1, our entry into the web community. This is an exciting phase for us! This phase includes the following components to our web presence.

  • the website—in its most basic form (more to come)
  • Trader Forum—structurally complete, but EMPTY. Thanks for your patience. (Come Join the Collaboration!—only members can collaborate)
  • Our Blog—structurally complete, and posting has begun. Sign up to our RSS feed!
  • Stock Wiz App—Our trading diary app for Android and iOS (a necessity for beginning traders) FREE Download
All our offerings are free at this time. Support for this site will come from Google Ads and affiliate sales of approved trading resources.


Immediately after launch we will begin working on our next project phase which will include a robust Member’s Area. The Member Area will offer the following:

  • Trader Stats—StockTraderWiz Score (more on this later)
  • Trader Page with
    • Posts
    • Reveiws
    • Messages
  • Private Trading Groups
  • Commenting on Open and Closed trades
  • More individualized interaction
Access to the Enhanced Member’s Area will require a monthly fee. Fee not currently set


In phase 3 we will integrate stock feeds which will allow for the following:

  • Private Watch Lists
  • Shared Watch Lists
  • Charting
  • Collaborating on trade setups
Access to the Stock Feeds will require a monthly fee. Fee not currently set.


After phase 3 is complete, we plan on upgrading the current basic Stock Wiz App—Trading Diary into a mobile app where all user features in Phases 1, 2, and 3 can be integrated.

Access to the upgraded Stock Wiz App will require a fee. Fee not currently set.


Along the way, we will be listening to our Traders to see what their needs are. Once complete with Phases 1-4, we have a vision to create a full trading platform for our traders to better assist them in their growth. Of course this depends on the success of StockTraderWiz as to whether it will be feasible or whether our Traders really want that.

We will also be adding more materials in our learning center as we go, some free and some for sale. We hope these are of value

We intend to create a premier destination for traders of all skill levels to learn, grow, and collaborate and we hope that you will join us and share your insight.

About Me

Stephen P Tullius Dear Trader,

Welcome to I hope you'll take a few minutes to look around our site to see if you think it can help your stock trading. We would love to have you join our group.

I am an engineer by education, owner of a web consulting company by trade, and a die-hard stock trader at heart. I began my stock trading education and experience over 20 years ago while I was attending university. My passion for trading and learning continues to grow every day.

In the beginning, my interest in the market was to find a better solution to grow my career income than putting it in the bank. It wasn’t long (as a beginning trader)
before I found out that consistent wins in the market are not as easy as they seem. For the longest time, I wished only for the money back that I had lost, thinking to myself…”If only I had put it in the bank.”

I became determined to get my money back. I always considered it a loan to someone on the other side of the computer screen, and soon I would collect all my money, WITH INTEREST. As I began to read every trading book I could get my hands on and develop and test one strategy after another, I became convinced that my success in the stock market was inevitable.

My fascination with all the different indicators and trading vehicles grew, but my trading funds did not. In fact, there seemed to be an inverse relationship. The more trading vehicles I tried and the more indicators I used, the WORSE my trading became. It was a very confusing time for me because one indicator would tell me it was time to buy, (that the stock should go up) and another would tell me it was time to sell (that the stock should go down). As determined as I was, (and discouraged by my trading losses) I thought it required more study, more indicators, and more trading techniques. I knew I must rise to the complexity of the market.

With a dozen indicators on my screen, I was frantically buying and selling. I listened to every talking head that came out on TV, and purchased at least half of the “Get Rich Quick” programs that were offered by any charlatan. I had to after all…my account was nearing disaster. The only way for me to make up my money was to “go for broke,” and that is exactly what happened. Broke and discouraged I left the market.

The stock market bug had bitten me though, and the market owed me some serious cash! After about a year away from the market, I decided I would try again, and differently. Where I was frantic before, I chose to be calm. Where I was in a rush to get rich, I chose to patiently grow my account. Where I used dozens of indicators, I chose one or two. Where I used multiple trading vehicles, I chose stocks. I chose the simplest and most straight forward approach.

I knew there were fortunes to be made in the stock market and I knew that I could have a piece of that too if I could just “THINK”. I tuned out all the chatter. I trashed all of the “Make a Killing” techniques. I began to just sit there and watch stocks move. In the quiet, I found rhythm. In the rhythm I found opportunity. With patience, I found technique, and in the technique, I found MY MONEY . It was well protected and came with plenty of interest. I have been trading ever since.

I still run a business which brings me pleasure, and currently most all my trading is with monies put away for retirement. You don’t have to trade for a living to be successful in the market. You can still have a rewarding career and use the stock market to build your nest egg.

Lately though, I have been getting the “itch” to move in trading full time. This is the reason I created StockTraderWiz. I see it as an opportunity to move into something that I really love, while at the same time to be able to help others (Pay it Forward), and most importantly I am looking forward to being more mobile. Earning a living while trading from the beaches of the Bahamas or while on an Alaskan cruise has become very interesting to me. Life should be an adventure…maybe I will see you there!

Happy Trading! I wish you the best and hope StockTraderWiz adds value to you—both knowledge, a feeling of belonging, and net worth. Please join us and offer your personal insight.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you back again soon.

Stephen P Tullius
President and CEO