New Beginning Traders Q/A Module
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I am exited to say that we just completed our new Beginner’s Corner…a full Question and Answer module. You can access the Question and Answer module from the Home page or the Question/Answer tab. This module is especially designed for Beginning Traders to ask questions of other more experienced traders. Remember, NO QUESTION is a DUMB QUESTION! is a website for traders of ALL levels and its mission is to help beginning traders transition to intermediate and then advanced levels of experience in a fun and nurturing way. There is no reason to be bashful. If you have questions that you want answered, you have the StockTraderWiz team and other experienced member traders ready to answer.

The new Question and Answer module looks like this:


This is a free resource for you. Use it as often as you need to!

An Offer to get the Stock Trading Conversation Going
January 19th, 2014  |  Posts  |  Stephen Tullius  |  (0) Comments is a new online community that went live on January 1, 2014. We are expecting this year to be a very dynamic year of growth and expanding functionality. We have implemented only Phase 1 of our 4 phase plan to build a premier stock trading website and community that shares knowledge and ideas with each other to affect the overall increase in trading skills of all our users.

That being said, we know there are still some sections of our site that are not quite complete, and we have already had more users sign up than we expected after only 2 weeks of being online. We apologize for the lack of “completeness” and want you to know that we are working hard to get everything implemented.

We thank all those who have signed up and would like to ask that you begin the conversation on our website. After all, no one can learn how to improve if we don’t get the stock trading conversation started. Remember this site is for traders of ALL LEVELS–beginners, intermediate, and advanced traders (so don’t be embarrassed if you are just getting started–we all start somewhere. ūüôā

If you need help with your trading, and are willing to go out on the limb and post something….anything to get the conversation started, I am willing to work personally with you for the next couple months on improving your trading knowledge or your trading. I offer this to the first 10 people that post in the forums or on the blog.

DON’T BE BASHFUL! There are already plenty of users to have a GREAT conversation. I am sure many of you have some knowledge to share. I am sure many others don’t know where to start. Start by posting and I will help you with the next steps. Always remember, there is no such thing as a “dumb” question.

I will personally contact the first 10 people that post to see how I can help them in their journey to trading success. Don’t worry, you aren’t required to work with me if you’d rather not ūüėČ

I look forward to your first post!

The Stock Trading Learning Center
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The Stock Trading Learning Center at is where you can go to find STW Team tested and approved Books, DVD’s, and Seminars for sale. We will only post items in our Learning Center that we approve of and that we believe will help you grow as traders.

We currently do not have our own shopping cart so we are linking to in order to offer you what we think are some of the best products for you to learn and grow as traders. We will set up our own shopping cart in a later phase of development.

What is important for us now is that you have our recommendations about what we believe will help you most as beginning traders to start your journey to successful trading.

Each of these items listed in the Learning Center are a part of our own trading library and we have found that they have been instrumental in our transition from beginning to intermediate to advanced traders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The order in which these books and DVD’s are listed is the order which we recommend their reading/viewing. This is not 100% necessary, but it is our recommendation based on having read them ourselves and used their teachings in our own trading over the years.

We will list other resources as we go.

ADVANCED TRADERS: If you are an advanced trader and have a product you think could help our other beginning traders, or a recommendation on a Book, DVD, or Seminar that has really helped you, please send us a message via Contact Us. We will consider listing it for sale in our Stock Trading Learning Center.

We wish you great success in your trading!

Stock Market Stress–The Emotions of Trading
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The stock market is anything but a calm, relaxed place to work. Although the mechanics of a trade with your online broker are quite simple, the psychological toll of being an active trader are notable. There are few other professions that require its participants to be on “high alert” as much as active trading does. This is not so much the case for less active traders, but the minute by minute focus, the constant decisions about when to get in, when to exit, continuous evaluation of market conditions, and especially the non-stop self-talk (positive and negative) do take there toll.

When do you get in? Once in, when do you get out? If it goes up, the temptation is to hold onto it for more profits. If it goes down, the temptation is to hold on, hoping it will come back. Once we purchase something, it is human nature to want to hold on to it. Just look at all the junk we accumulate at home. We buy something because we are optimistic that it will add value to our lives. And we hate to get rid of stuff because of those feelings we had when we bought it. So, we just hold on to it indefinitely thinking it might come in handy someday. The same thing happens with the stocks you buy. You will rationalize why now is the right time to buy, and you will have a hard time deciding when to sell.

Buying and Selling…two sides of the same coin? Actually, buying and selling are driven by opposite emotions. Buying is optimism at its height. We buy because we believe the stock will go up–our optimism is at its fullest. From the time we purchase to the time we sell, our emotions are in overdrive. During the time we own the stock our emotions move from complete optimism to complete pessimism. Selling is pessimism at its height. We sell when we are convinced that the stock will not longer move up (at least for now) and instead will move down.

These emotions of trading have an impact on your decision making and reaction time. They cause you to buy before it is time and sell when it is too late.

Emotions drive the market. The degree of optimism (exuberance) and the degree of pessimism (pain) of market participants, determine the rate of change of any given stock (or the market). Optimism makes a stock rise because buyers are willing to pay a little bit more and will pay the asking price. When the market is paying the asking price, the price will continue to rise. It is all about supply and demand. When the demand rises due to excitement about a stock, so do prices. On the other hand, when no one wants your stock, you have to lower your price to get anyone to buy. Demand is low, so prices drop.

When there is exuberance and everyone is willing to pay a higher and higher price, a stock will rise quickly. When there is a lot pain, people will fall over each other trying to dump their stock and prices will fall through the floor. With practice, you will begin to feel the emotion of the market and calmly capitalize on these rapid market moves.

As a beginning trader, you must be especially careful to watch your own emotions. Conflicting emotions will bounce through your head all the time. Letting these emotions control you will cause you to make very poor decisions. If you don’t keep your emotions in check, you will participate in the market exuberance and also feel the pain when the stock moves against you. To be successful as a trader, you must “feel” these emotions taking place, but not participate in the emotional action…instead, you must stay calm and cool, jump on the emotional bus and ride the move, all the while planning your exit.

I make it sound so easy, like you can just turn off your emotions, but I will tell you very openly that trading is the easy part. Managing your emotions is what takes time and a whole lot of self reflection. You have heard the saying “you are your worst enemy”. I think this eufamism was created by a stock trader! There is no other profession where this is so true. You make all your own decisions. There is nobody forcing you to place a buy or sell order. You are 100% responsible for your trades. YOU are responsible for your wins and losses. Letting your emotions control you is the quickest path out of the market.

Understanding this, you must make every effort to minimize these emotions and analyze your trades. If you are going to take on this challenge of learning how to trade and put your hard earned money on the line, then you must also accept the responsibility to work on yourself. YOU are the one that will win or lose in the market. Nobody can force you either way. It is YOUR CHOICE. Choose to win!

How do you win? You take trading seriously. You learn all you can. You stay realistic. You plan your trades–entries and exits. And, you analyze your progress after each trade, each day, each week, and each month.

After every trade, at the end of each day, after a hectic week, and even after a month of emotional ups and downs, logging your results in your trading diary (log) and evaluating their outcomes will keep you grounded, help you to learn, and improve your overall results. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from each trade. Careful analysis can offer enormous returns on your future trades. To the extent that you analyze your progress, your trading will improve. After all, why trade if you are not in it to win?

Download our trading diary app and USE IT! You can get it here…Stock Wiz App

Why Technical Analysis for our trading?
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The key to trading success is the correct evaluation of the psychology of all market participants in your stock at any given time. Market psychology is reflected in its chart and we get our trading ideas using technical analysis. Let’s face the facts. If the stock market was fundamentally driven, we would not see some obscure stock with no dividends and no earnings shoot up 400% in two months while at the same time a “quality” stock offering an excellent dividend and a great price to earnings ratio sinks to a new low.

Think about it…what causes a stock to move? Companies report earnings on a quarterly basis. Why does the price of its stock change so much on a daily basis? Isn’t the company for all intents and purposes the same company as it was yesterday, or last week, or last month? How do you explain the difference in price between two companies with relatively similar fundamentals? Shouldn’t these two stocks be priced equally? Shouldn’t a company’s valuation stay constant for a whole quarter until the next earnings report comes out, and then immediately change to match the new valuation?

Barring any newsworthy event, it doesn’t make any sense to believe that a stock’s price is driven by its fundamentals. What drives the market then? Markets are driven by the market participants who “feel” that a stock will go up or down in the future. It has nothing to do with a company’s true valuation. I am sure most people will disagree with me on this subject, but try it for yourself. You try to rationalize why a stock just jumped up 5% today (or more) with no new event that would justify the price change.

Once you spend more time in the market, you will see it for yourself. Markets move because individuals move them. “Individuals” are all the market participants including private traders like you and I, fund managers, specialists and market makers. You will begin to “feel” the extreme optimism and pessimism in other market participants and soon you will be able to capitalize on it.

You can agree with my evaluation, listen to one of the talking heads on TV, or you can create your own opinion, but the only thing that really matters is that the market DOES MOVE. Whatever you think is the reason prices change is fine with me. As long as prices continue to move up and down, we can make money in the markets. It is these price movements that create the opportunities we search for to grow our net worth continuously.

We make money when the market is optimistic that the stock of a specific company should rise. Our objective is to jump aboard and stick with the stock as it rises and jump off again when the consensus has changed.

Don’t get so caught up on the “quality” of the stock that is making a move in the market. As long as it trades enough shares daily to keep the bid and ask prices (the spread) reasonable and it is making a move, jump aboard and protect your investment using “stop” orders (more on these in another post).

Personally, I don’t really care what a company does or makes. In fact, I don’t usually even care about the company’s name! Sure there are certain stocks that I will play over and over again, but there are plenty that I will just jump aboard as they rocket up and all I will ever know about them is their symbol. That may sound crazy, but my objective in the market is to increase my net worth. If I find a stock that is moving rapidly I don’t hesitate to jump aboard. I could take the time to try and figure out every detail about the stock or try to figure out why it is moving…by that time the move would be over! Why is it moving up? I don’t know or even care…I will leave the “Why?” for somebody else and take my winnings to the bank.

If you see an opportunity, our objective as traders is to try to capitalize on it. We can’t sit on our hands and watch an opportunity pass us by, especially if we are watching it unfold right before our eyes. We have to be confident enough in our trading ability to take action. These are the skills that you will learn as you move from beginning trader, to intermediate, to advanced.

StockTraderWiz site updates
January 13th, 2014  |  Posts  |  Stephen Tullius  |  (0) Comments went live with Phase 1 of our 4 phase development plan on January 1st of this year.  2014 is our charter year, and we have very big plans in store for our users.  It is obvious we are just getting started, but we are aggressively pushing for full implementation (all 4 phases) by the end of the year.

It is our mission to create a safe, positive, open, and nurturing environment for all our users to learn, collaborate, and grow as stock traders every day.

I just wanted to give you a quick head’s up of some of our latest site updates…

  • Forum flow and functionality issues have been resolved.
  • Forum description boxes have been upgraded to a simple text editor boxes to allow users to upload images (stock charts for example) to improve the effectiveness of discussions. ¬†As the saying goes…”A picture is worth a thousand words.”
  • We have added a “TraderTag” field in the user profile area. ¬†This will be how you are known to all other users. ¬†I thought this might help by providing some anonymity for those who might be embarrassed to admit they need a little help. ¬†NOTE: ¬†FOR THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO SIGNED UP BEFORE THE TRADERTAG IMPLEMENTATION, PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR PROFILE AND CREATE THAT.

The following new module is being worked on now and will be uploaded to the site in the next couple weeks:

  • Question and Answer module: ¬†This module will allow users to ask specific questions of other stock traders in various learning categories. ¬†Asking and answering questions in the discussion forum venue is a bit difficult. ¬†The Question and Answer module will keep all questions and answers grouped by topic to make it easier for beginning stock traders to learn. ¬† In later phases all questions and answers will be linked to users and build their StockTraderWiz Ranking.

We feel this is a very important module to help traders transition from beginner to advanced and are excited about its implementation.

I will keep you informed about this and other changes as we go.

I know is a new site, but it will grow quickly. ¬†We have already had quite a few individuals sign up…now we just need to start having some discussion. ¬†Don’t be bashful! ¬†In order to learn, we must have some dialogue.

iOS version of Stock Wiz Trade Diary is Live
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We are pleased to announce that the Stock Wiz app that was formally available only on Android’s Play Store is not also available on Apple’s App Store.

The link for the app on the App Store is:

If you are not using this app, you should reconsider.  One of the most critical elements of transitioning from beginning trader to a professional, is continuous analysis and review of your own winning and losing trades.

Just like with everything else in life, what you focus on and track will improve.  Faithfully logging each trade in your trading diary and including your rationale behind your trading decisions is the first step to becoming a better trader.

You will begin to see patterns in your trading (positive and negative) that when fine tuned will dramatically improve your results.  As an example, I noticed in my own trading that trading pullbacks was causing me pain while breakouts were what kept me profitable.

I noticed that my timing on 4 out of 5 pullbacks was off. ¬†I was getting in too early and was getting stopped out at a loss. ¬†These losses, although small, add up when your losing percentage is high. ¬†My breakout plays (larger gains and higher percentage wins) more than offset the losses, but…by analyzing my trade diary and fixing my timing issue on pullbacks, I dramatically improved both my trading percentage and my monthly earnings.

Using the Stock Wiz trade diary app will help you improve as well.

I know it is not as fun as trading, but do yourself a favor–take the time to log your trades and analyze your results. ¬†You will be glad you did!

For instructions on how to use the Stock Wiz app and some tips to improve your results, Click Here!

About StockTraderWiz–Stock Market Education
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What this site is NOT about:

HOW to make $1,000,000 in 3 months!

What this site IS about:

Helping you learn how to invest in stocks and to become a profitable stock trader.

This site is dedicated to those just starting or who are fed up with their brokers or fund managers and who want to take their financial futures into their own hands and get a good stock market education.

Start with the basics and work your way through the content on this site, the blog, and participate in the forums to build a solid foundation before risking your money. Always remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE! There is no need for any complex or hard to understand tricks or techniques.

Buying and Selling stocks is easy…Don’t make it complicated!
Follow the lessons learned and the ideas shared on this site, but fine tune them to match your own trading style. Every trader is unique so don’t blindly apply all the tips and techniques you find here. Think about their application, test them in a paper trading account, and tweak them so they work for you.

The goal of StockTraderWiz is to shorten the “learning curve” for you so that you may benefit from all of the experience of all the users on our site. Learn from our success AND from our mistakes, and never hesitate to ask questions! You have an audience of traders waiting to help you…use us.

Why Invest in the Stock Market?
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If you are wondering Why Invest in the Stock Market, consider this…most people live paycheck-to-paycheck and save nothing for retirement or for those rainy days that seem to come too often. Those that do save use passive accounts–savings, CDs, or 401K programs.

These accounts offer you little control over your financial future. You receive a small amount of interest (if any) on your money in exchange for letting someone else make a fortune.  Make the decision to take complete control of your own money and utilize it to get a much better return.

Sound difficult?  Afraid?  Not sure where to start?  Post a question on our site and other traders who were once in your shoes will gladly help you get started trading stocks.  Take this opportunity to learn how to invest in stocks on your own? You will be glad you did!

Most people don’t know much about money management. ¬†Our educational system in the United States is designed to prepare us to making a living. ¬†You go to school for many years to become a professional. ¬†You graduate with an advanced degree, with all of the knowledge to make someone else rich!

You work tirelessly to increase your standard of living–to bring in more and more each year. Yet, none of your education has prepared you to protect and effectively manage the fruits of your life’s work.

You Need a Stock Market Education!

The information on will give you enough knowledge to successfully manage your money (no matter how much or how little) and to help you prepare for what the future holds.

Welcome to StockTraderWiz’s Blog
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Welcome to StockTraderWiz’s Blog, a new place for Traders of all levels to learn, grow, and collaborate.

We are excited to announce our new website, Stock Wiz Trading Diary app, blog, and trader’s forum. ¬†These offerings are considered to be our basic Phase 1 of our 4 phase StockTraderWiz system roll-out. ¬†(More on that soon.)

Our site went LIVE on January 1, 2014 and we are now allowing users to join our free website and participate and collaborate with other traders.  You must sign up to participate.

We are looking forward to a very dynamic and exciting 2014 and hope that you will join us and share your trading knowledge with others who are just beginning their trading experience.

We hope that you will be patient with us during our initial launch (as users join and start to participate) and during our growing pains (any minor tweaks we need to do now and through our year of expansion–Phases 2-4).

Please browse our system and share your comments and trading ideas with others.  We are certain that during your stay you will pick up some knowledge and ideas that are sure to improve your trading.

I look forward to your participation!